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Rico Design - Punch Needle Embroidery Book Sakura

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Punch Needle No. 5 workbook with step-by-step instructions on how to make woven masterpieces from Rico Design.

Making embroidered designs is fun and a wonderful way to relax - and you end up with beautiful works of art, modern home decor and original accessories. With illustrated instructions, this book shows you how to use Creative Cotton yarn to make beautiful wall decorations, pillowcases, paintings, and much more.

Sakura comes from the Japanese language and means cherry blossom. It is one of the most important symbols of Japanese culture and marks the beginning of spring. In its delicacy, the cherry blossom symbolizes beauty, passing away and transience. This Punch Needle book contains 26 instructions for modern home decorating using cherry blossoms, Japanese landscapes, and graphic patterns. Many of the patterns use color gradients to create a harmonious effect. Rico Design Punch Needle, Essentials Mega Wool yarn, Essentials Merino yarn, and the soft but fluffy Creative Fluffily yarn were used to make the decorations. Delicate glitter accents are added by Ricorumi Lamé.