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Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca Yarn


Loop has a beautiful range of Alpaca Yarns from the thinnest lace to thicker yarns sourced from all over the world.
Some are 100% pure alpaca, including Qing Suri Baby, The Border MIll Alpaca Tweed, and Isager Alpaca 1, and others are blends.

  • Big Bad Wool: Weepaca


    Totally wonderful yarn that's great for baby knitting. Brought to you by Big Bad Wool - with great pattern support. It's a lovely colour palette, a...

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  • Isager Alpaca 1


    A fine 100% alpaca yarn. This fine alpaca yarn works well used individually for e.g. shawls and vests, but we use it primarily for knitting togethe...

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  • La Bien Aimée Kumo


      La Bien Aimée Kumo is the newest and softest base to date! Lightness of hand and the softness of  Baby suri Alpaca and mulberry silk will make ...

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  • Mrs Moon Plump


    Plump is absolutely divine! Four new colours have just arrived Summer 2022! Jam Tart, Malt Loaf, Fudge, and Summer Pudding. The Mrs Moon sisters ha...

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  • Mrs Moon Plump DK


    New to Loop! Plump DK (double knitting) yarn is made from the same highest quality, sustainable, superfine merino and baby alpaca as Plump Superchu...

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  • Mrs Moon Pudding


    A lovely baby yarn from Mrs Moon that is also just beautiful for any DK project (baby or otherwise!). Three new colours have just arrived this Summ...

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