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Row Counters, Markers, and Tape Measures

Row Counters, Markers, and Tape Measures

We have a wide variety of row and stitch markers and counters from CocoKnits, Bryson, Lacis, and Clover, as well as handmade ones from California. 

We also have some wonderful tape measures from pop pink cuties to handmade leather ones from Japan.

  • Gold Ring Stitch Markers


    9mm seamless gold rings for counting stitches. 50 per package. For needles up to 8mm/US 11

  • Clover Split Ring Marker (347)


    Split ring markers. 24 pieces. Use for increasing/decreasing stitches and darts. Easiily removed from stitches.

  • Clover Knitting Register (328)


    '- The Knitting Resister will fit on any straight knitting needles up to needle size 6.5mm. - Approx 2.5cm wide