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Knit Collage Handmade Yarn

Knit Collage Handmade Yarn


The yarns we stock at loop are handspun and dyed and made with gorgeous trim; in the Knit Collage studio bits of ribbons, sequins, flower appliques, and sparkly tinsel are handspun into brightly coloured wool and mohair fibres to create their one-off yarns.

We're very proud to have been the first stockist of these amazing yarns, being smitten as soon as we saw them.

All of the Knit Collage dyeing, carding, and spinning takes place in Punjab, India. When the business first started in 2010, we spent countless hours teaching uneducated women how to craft the yarn designs on traditional spinning wheels. We now happily employ a total 15 women who we rely on for all aspects of the business. Not all of those women are spinners. We also employ women who soley card fiber, crochet tiny flowers, embroider sparkly paisleys, organize trims or check each skein for quality. The list goes on! Truly each yarn is specially handcrafted with love and care.
Through our tiny operation, we hope to create beautiful yarns that inspire and nurture your creative spirit.