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Kaliko is a line of textiles founded by Ania Grzeszek.

Our bags from Kaliko are naturally dyed, no synthetic dyes are used. They are very special!

We're thrilled to have Ania's handmade knitting and project bags at Loop. The beautiful colours she achieves combined with her natural printing process makes for very special one of a kind bags.

Kaliko uses certified organic fibers that are hand-dyed using local plant pigments .
Due to the nature of the dyeing and printing process, all pieces are unique - each one slightly different from the other, yet all equally beautiful.

Kaliko uses only natural fabrics , with the organic cotton being GOTS certified . All linen sourced is all natural and unbleached.

Because the beautiful colours achieved in the dyeing process with natural plants and pigments is reliant on nature , availability of colours will change with the seasons .

After dyeing the fabrics, the hand-printing process begins with beautiful botanical imprints making each piece unique.
Every item is made from start to finish by hand!

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