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"Kokon yarn was created to express my love of textiles and craft, to find an outlet for my creativity and my enquiring mind and to celebrate my heritage and history.

I was born in South Africa in Port Elizabeth, the capital of the Eastern Cape Province. From my earliest childhood memories I was always busy with craft, drawing, pottery, painting, embroidery, jewellery making, papier maché to name a few.

My mother knew that with each birthday and Christmas present, if there were enough coloured pencils, coloured markers and drawing blocknotes included, the gift was perfect no matter what else was included.

Kokon is an outlet for my creativity but also a place where I can vent my ideas about design,colour, texture and yarn.

I have always been intrigued by the emotive power of colour. What it makes you feel and think when you look at it . Colour is poetry.

Irresistible is also a word that has always driven my creative process. In my work I am always subconsciously trying to create something of irresistible beauty."

We are very proud to stock Michelle's special yarns at Loop! We have her Chunky Mohair as well as the fabulous Slubby Mohair Mini + Chunky Mohair Minis.
We also have kits to make the absolutely beautiful 'Floral Kokon Blouse' by Teti Lutsak of NutsKnitwear, whose designs are inspired by nature.
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    KOKON Bleu is a gorgeous limited edition collection of yarn. KOKON Fingering is crafted from 100% superwash merino wool sourced from Argentina. KOK...

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