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Mehlsen Naturally Dyed

Mehlsen Naturally Dyed


Loop was smitten with Plant Dyed By Mehlsen as soon as we started seeing images of the beautiful little bundles. When we held the dyed threads in our hands it just confirmed our love for them.

Mette has a lifelong passion for textiles and textile crafts. Her mother taught her to knit before she learned to read and write. Thus, knitting, embroidery, and crocheting have always been in her life.

Mette has a degree in Textile Design, Handcraft and Communications and works with cultural history at museums in Denmark. There, she often works with historical materials and textiles that inspire her.

"My passion for dyeing with plants started after I worked with textiles from 1800, which were plant dyed. In this way, I began plant dyeing my own yarn. I discovered the endless possibilities of the craft and a new world opened to me."

Plant Dyed By Mehlsen is mostly dyed with plants handpicked in nature in the western part of Jutland, Denmark. Plant dyed yarn is magical in the sense that largely all colours and nuances match each other – it gives new possibilities to compose and the creativity can flourish.

We're very proud to have both Mette's naturally dyed single cakes as well as to collaborate with her on wonderful designs that we make into beautiful kits.