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Ribbons and Pompoms

Ribbons and Pompoms

Loop has a wonderful selection of Japanese and Indian ribbons as well as hand-dyed silk, handprinted and vintage ribbons. We also have fur and brightly coloured wool pompoms!
  • Oshare Pompom Yarn


    Beautiful as an edging on blankets, cuffs, and shawl edgings or striped.We now have nine colours of this fun pompom yarn from Mondo Fil in Japan. O...

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  • Baby Woven Ribbon


    These are super cute woven jacquard ribbons, perfect for decorating your tote, clothes, or any other handmade projects you can think of.Adorable to...

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  • Mondo Fil Papiyon Yarn


    A wonderful new yarn from Mondo Fil in Japan. Papiyon (butterfly) yarn is gorgeous and fun used on its' own, as an embellishment on edgings, blanke...

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  • Mondo Fil Ponza


     Absolutely beautiful yarn for texture. MONDO FIL original flower yarn, made in Italy. Embroidered with linen thread on nylon tulle tape. This yarn...

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  • Sold out

    Mondo Fil Ischia


    Absolutey beautiful textured ribbon yarn with incredible structure to it. It is a gauze-like flat yarn with stitching running up the centre as well...

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  • Rico Pompom Maker Set


    Fabulous pompom maker set with 4 sizes of templates. Makes pompoms that are 3.5, 5.5. 7 and 9cm.

  • Faux Fur Pom Poms


    Faux Fur handmade PomPoms. Made of fine and high quality woven faux furs. The pompoms are attached to the cap by means of cotton ribbons. This sy...

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  • Brass Indian Beads


    In shapes of leaves and flowers, beautiful brass beads/sequins made from hammered brass plates in India. Please note that most of these are in perf...

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