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Life in the Long Grass

Life in the Long Grass


Life in the Long Grass

Loop is thrilled to welcome Life in the Long Grass to our shop.
Hand-dyed in Ireland.

We are an Irish artisan hand-dyed yarn and art studio in the countryside in Ireland. I am a keen knitter and was taught to knit and crochet by my Mum and our crafty neighbour Mrs Ryan. I love working with natural fibres and incorporate them in our home and what we wear as much as possible.

We worked as a graphic designer (Caroline) and architect (Jonny) in London and Spain before moving back to Ireland and living in the countryside – from there it was a natural transition to take our love of colour, art and design and apply it to our love of yarn.

Life in the Long Grass?

Our name represents the natural life of the wool that we dye; wonderful sheep braving the elements and a way of life where taking the time to make something and enjoying the process is as important as the wool itself. We are crazy about texture and rustic living and are inspired by our surroundings in the countryside, you will spot this in our main body of colourways.

All our yarns are muelsing free as they are from either small farms in the UK or Peru