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Mondo Fil Yarns at Loop London

Mondo Fil


Mondo Fil is a great Japanese yarn company based in Kyoto.
We love their quirky textured yarns which are wonderful for all sorts of knitting embellishing and perfect for weaving or adding a touch to crochet or sewing.
They make us smile in the shop and inspire us with design ideas whenever there is a delivery!

  • Oshare Pompom Yarn


    Beautiful as an edging on blankets, cuffs, and shawl edgings or striped.We now have nine colours of this fun pompom yarn from Mondo Fil in Japan. O...

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  • Mondo Fil Ponza


     Absolutely beautiful yarn for texture. MONDO FIL original flower yarn, made in Italy. Embroidered with linen thread on nylon tulle tape. This yarn...

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  • Mondo Fil Papiyon Yarn


    A wonderful new yarn from Mondo Fil in Japan. Papiyon (butterfly) yarn is gorgeous and fun used on its' own, as an embellishment on edgings, blanke...

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    Mondo Fil Ischia


    Absolutey beautiful textured ribbon yarn with incredible structure to it. It is a gauze-like flat yarn with stitching running up the centre as well...

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