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Mina Perhonen Fabric

Mina Perhonen Fabric


hello minä perhonen!

Our next collection of these beautiful fabric sets will be with us in June!

Fabric swatch packs.
Akira Minagawa; Artist, textile designer, product, and fashion designer. Costume design and illustrator.
His designs combine Japanese and Scandinavian influences to create stylized depictions of nature and daily life. Always beginning with hand-drawn motifs, Minagawa uses techniques ranging from embroidery, weaving, and printing to create tactile and detailed textile patterns.

We are very excited to have packs of the fabric remnants that can be used for patching clothing, quilting, scraps for creating toys or any other bits of sewing, embellishing, and beautiful mending. 

After the collection is created for the fashion pieces, the highly unique and very beautiful fabrics are gathered and made into small pieces such as buttons and brooches.
With an ethos of creating as little 'waste' as possible, these incredible pieces are now at Loop. 
We are incredibly honoured to stock these accessories that can embellish your handmade knits and pieces or any articles of clothing, as well as these packs of fabric remnants. 
It's a total honour to have anything, least of all these special fabric sets from Akira Minagawa and his textile team at minä perhonen, in our London shop. It is a dream come true.