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(Vi) laines

(Vi) laines


We're thrilled to bits to have these gorgeous little boulettes at Loop in (Vi)laines Chaussettes (sock) yarn and her Solitaires fing (superwash merino singles) otherwise known as her Yarnlings.

The (Vi)laines are yarns & fibers born out of the loving hands of an indie dyer, Marion, based in Lyon, France.
The Yarn name is a play-on-words based on the french words ‘vilaines’ (naughty girls) and ‘laines’ (yarns). Hence, you’ll find vivid and muted colors, inspired by the stories of little naughty girls who play angels but are also little devils inside.

Using the boulettes are a wonderful way to play with colour using beautiful hand-dyed yarn, have accents in your knits, and incredible crochet work in a riot of colour. Crochet granny square and visible mending and woolly embroidery are also perfect in these yarns!

We are so happy to have over 50 colours at Loop in the yarnlings, little gems of hand-dyed beauty.

We also stock Marion's wonderful enamel pins at Loop!