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Clover is well known for it's amazing range of useful things! We've got tools for knitting, crochet, needle felting and more... A huge range of haberdashery from Clover.
  • Clover Sashiko Needles

    from $4.00

    Needles, designed especially for Sashiko embroidery. Superior sewing needles go through fabric smoothly without straining or stress. Unique, pure g...

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  • Clover Point Protector (333)


    Features/Contents - Prevents stitches slipping off needle - For needle sizes 2-4.5mm - 4 pieces in a pack

  • Clover Split Ring Marker (347)


    Split ring markers. 24 pieces. Use for increasing/decreasing stitches and darts. Easiily removed from stitches.

  • Clover Knitting Register (328)


    '- The Knitting Resister will fit on any straight knitting needles up to needle size 6.5mm. - Approx 2.5cm wide

  • Clover Yarn Guide (348)


    Helpful while knitting with two or more yarns. One size fits all. One piece per package.