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Daughter of a Shepherd Books

Daughter of a Shepherd Books

Daughter of a Shepherd is the brand of Rachel Atkinson's beautiful British yarns and her first book, 'Beginnings'.

The Daughter of a Shepherd journey began with the 2015 clip of the Hebridean sheep who graze Escrick Park Estate, shepherded by Rachel Atkinson's Father, John Atkinson. 

With a firm commitment to using only 100% British wool from shepherds and producers within the United Kingdom, she aims to support all aspects of British manufacturing in the processing and production.

Rachel is a former Loopette and great friend of Loop as well as being the technical editor for almost all of our own books and single patterns. She is also the designer behind some beautiful patterns for Loop's blog such as the Cecilia CowlHawick CowlAlavaro Scarf and Spring Bloom Mitts
'Volume 1: Beginnings' is Rachel's first book and were so proud of her!

You can view all of the Daughter of a Shepherd yarns here

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