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The Grey Sheep Co.

The Grey Sheep Co.


Loop is absolutely thrilled to stock The Grey Sheep Co. yarns.
The only shop in the UK to have their beautiful Hampshire yarn, we couldn't be more honoured.

"Well Manor is a small family farm on the Surrey Hampshire borders. Nestled amongst the rolling countryside the farm dates back to Tudor times. With this heritage in mind we aim to conserve our landscape, and farm as traditionally as possible and preserve the environment for generations to come.

Our sheep are an integral part of our conservation plan, through managed grazing and reversion of agricultural land to traditional pastures. It is only by using time-honoured methods, that enable us to return the landscape to its historic roots. Welcoming back a diverse flora and fauna, and following the rhythm of the seasons and mother nature, rather than intensive modern farming methods. Setting in motion the right habitats enable the return of our native birds and insects.
The wool comes from our fine wool flocks exclusively nurtured and bred for their quality fibre. The flock is managed, and sheared by Susie our awesome shepherdess, and right-hand lady. Susie has always had a passion for sheep starting her own flock at the age of 10!

Every last fleece is hand sorted on the farm by Susie and myself to ensure that only the best quality fibres go into our yarn. A luxury product takes time to produce, and a good relationship with all the artisans involved, each as important a link in the chain as each other. The fibre is washed in Yorkshire by Matt, and worsted spun in Devon by John or woollen spun by Michael, returning to be hand dyed on the farm by me.

The colours of the beautiful countryside we inhabit and the coast line of my childhood Pembrokeshire home inspire me in the dye studio. Colour is an obsession for me, a never ending search for further knowledge on this vast subject pushes me on."