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Krea Deluxe

Krea Deluxe


Krea Deluxe was founded in 2015 by the two siblings Heidi B. Johannesen and Pia HH Johannesen.
Passion to create something with our hands has followed us since we were very young, where we learned to crochet, knit, and sew from our grandmother. With Krea Deluxe, we have created a universe based on our shared joy and love of needlework.

We are both driven by the same idea and vision of creating a company that exclusively produces quality yarn and design with the ecological and sustainable values ​​we believe in and which we stand 100% for. The yarn must be able to be used for babies, children, and allergy sufferers, be free of pesticides, residues of artificial fertilizers, and other unnecessary chemicals. We both have children with severe allergies and we have simply created the yarn we have been missing when we knit and crochet clothes and teddy bears for our children.

Krea Deluxe, therefore, produces exclusive quality yarn with a focus on natural products, ecology, sustainability, and aesthetics. We take pride in delivering quality yarn, which is produced with respect and consideration for the environment, people, and animals. Raw cotton and wool are organic and the entire production is produced according to the highest organic standards GOTS.

We hope that our products and designs can inspire you to create projects and that you will be as happy to work with our yarn as we are.

A few times a year we are lucky to collaborate with Emma of Town Dyer who creates beautiful colours with natural dyes. We send her the Krea Deluxe Organic Raw Cotton which she dyes in small batches for us. It's so lovely.