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Urth Yarns

Urth Yarns

Urth Yarns are all about embracing nature's imperfect perfection. Inspired by the beauty of individuality, they're constantly pushing the boundaries of their dyeing techniques. Using Earth's bounty of ingredients, they whip up surprising colours and celebrate imperfect beauty.

Crafted with love by talented women in their Mersin and Istanbul studios, each piece embodies authenticity and harmony.

But it's not just about yarn - it's about people too. They're all about empowering women through their sample-making program, keeping that human touch alive in a world of mass production.

Oh, and they're big on giving back too! Partnering with Trees for the Future, every skein of Urth Yarns sold plants a tree. So, cosy up with their wool, indulge in some handcrafts, and join them in celebrating Mother Nature's vibrant colours!