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Twirl Yarns

Twirl Yarns


Twirl begins with the land, and moves from the soil to the plants and animals that live in the place.

Twirl encompasses stewardship, husbandry, artistic endeavor, compassion, and commitment. The yarn I make takes these qualities—and through daily chores of feeding, husbandry, washing and blending, washing, dyeing, and preparing—to final form.

The breeds of sheep I choose to be part of my family are luster longwool breeds. Known for their qualities of luster, strength and softness. Authentic to the animals that make this fiber. All Twirl Yarns are muelsing free and ethically and sustainably produced.

About Mary (in the Napa Valley of California):
"I have lived for over thirty years now on this same ranch. I run cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas and all sorts of dogs to help me with my flocks. I have had a long time to observe the natural plants on this property, and have come to appreciate the floral diversity here.
In the gardens around our home, is yet another wonderland of color. All the neighbors want to offer plant prunings and fruits they have to be part of this project. I feel like I am living in the middle of a huge and wonderful science project.

The dyes I use that are closest to my heart are from the plants that grow here where I live. I feel that when I use these plant dyes I am fully embracing the sense of this place. It is a hidden beauty that emerges when the essence and color of these plants, which grow on this soil, are combined with the fiber that is also grown here and are of this soil."

Terroir is a term that describes something that is fully influenced by where you are. This is truly a taste of Mary's world of Twirl.

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