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Quirky and Textured Yarns

Quirky and Textured Yarns


Wonderful yarns that are pretty and fun. Great to use on their own or mixed with a plainer yarn. Good for edgings too on blankets and shawls.

  • ITO Kinu

    from £11.40

    KINU is a 100% silk noil yarn, also called organic silk, as it is produced from the leftovers of spun filament silk. Differently colored fibers are...

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  • Stellaris


    This sparkly metallic yarn from Italy is made with a shiny viscose and colour matching glitter thread.  Used on its own or held with another yarn i...

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  • Borgo de' Pazzi Bibi


    A fun and a whimsical hit of colours from Borgo de' Pazzi in Florence, Italy. Just one of these skeins will knit up into a great cowl with simple k...

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  • Oshare Pompom Yarn


    Beautiful as an edging on blankets, cuffs, and shawl edgings or striped.We now have nine colours of this fun pompom yarn from Mondo Fil in Japan. O...

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  • Daruma Tube


    3 new colours are on the way from Tokyo! A colourful yarn with a vivid color palette. Nylon yarn without fluff, like fishing line, is knitted into ...

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  • Ricorumi - Neon DK


    Rico RicoRumi Neon DK Yarn / WoolAdd a splash of neon colour to your ricorumi creations.  Mix and match with the print and spray kits or just add s...

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  • Rico - Lamé DK


    Rico Design's Ricorumi Lamé DK - A glitter yarn made of polyester and nylon. Great for all kinds of crafts including amigurumi crochet.  Comes in G...

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  • Woolfolk Flette Bulky


    A beautiful bulky weight yarn!  Have a look at our very beautiful kit, Cloud, which has just launched at Loop this January and uses this totally co...

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  • Daruma Sasawashi Flat


    From Daruma in JapanJapanese paper yarn made from kumazasa bamboo, which grows only at altitudes above 1,000 meters. The paper is thinner than "SAS...

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  • Mondo Fil Papiyon Yarn


    A wonderful new yarn from Mondo Fil in Japan. Papiyon (butterfly) yarn is gorgeous and fun used on its' own, as an embellishment on edgings, blanke...

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  • Mondo Fil Ponza


     Absolutely beautiful yarn for texture. MONDO FIL original flower yarn, made in Italy. Embroidered with linen thread on nylon tulle tape. This yarn...

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  • Mondo Fil Ischia


    Absolutey beautiful textured ribbon yarn with incredible structure to it. It is a gauze-like flat yarn with stitching running up the centre as well...

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  • Big Bad Wool Baby Yeti


    We'll be getting more of the natural Baby Yeti very soon, as well as two new colours to Loop in Baby Yeti; 'Ashes' and 'Pink Noses'. Gorgeous soft ...

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  • Mondo Fil California


    Super beautiful ribbon yarn that would be beautiful knit or crocheted on its' own or as an edging on cuffs , pockets and yokes or striped with anot...

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  • Kyoto Sparkle for Loop


    Proudly made in Kyoto, Japan. Very beautiful threads of sequins that can be used on their own or held doubled to create very unusual effects.Would ...

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