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Beautiful silk yarns that are 100% silk or mixed with merino, paper, steel or mohair.
Colours just shimmer on silks and have an incredible depth of colour.
  • Isager Silk Mohair


    Loop is the UK stockist for Isager yarns and carries the full colour range of Isager Silk Mohair.25 grams232 yards/ 212 metres ; fingering weight; ...

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  • Gepard Yarn Kid Seta


    Available in 70 stunning colours!Kid Seta is a gorgeous, warm and light lace yarn that can be knit up into exquisitely delicate lace projects or ca...

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  • ITO Iki Silk Thread


    ITO Iki Thin, pure filament silk, slightly twisted for hand embroidery and applique. Use multiple threads for color effects. Can also be used as a...

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  • ITO Kinu

    from £11.40

    KINU is a 100% silk noil yarn, also called organic silk, as it is produced from the leftovers of spun filament silk. Differently colored fibers are...

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  • mYak Baby Yak + Silk


    These gorgeous mini skeins are featured in our newest kit for Melanie Berg's True Colours Shawl.They are also  stunning to make any colourwork proj...

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  • Ito Serishin


    Stunning silk ribbon yarn. Hand-dyed in Japan.Serishin is a luxurious silk yarn with a tremendous sheen. Its unique structure is build of singl...

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