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Teinture Sauvage

Teinture Sauvage


Teinture Sauvage roughly translates to "Wild Dye". The beautiful yarns and colours achieved by Celine come from working with only 100% natural wool and dyes with full traceability.

The wools that she uses comes from artisanal spinning mills in France. They are high-quality yarns washed with ecological products.

"Some plants contain a large quantity of natural colorant. The different types of natural dyeing enable the colours to set on natural fibres, whether from animal or plant sources. Synthetic additives such as more or less toxic metallic salts mordants (tin, alum, iron, copper …) are traditionally used to obtain a long-lasting fixation of colours. By combining some plants (tannin plants, bioaccumulative plants), it is now possible to make long-lasting vegetable dyes with only natural raw materials.

That is what I have chosen to do with Teinture Sauvage, my small natural dyeing workshop. My aim is to make 100% natural colors with fully compostable dyebaths thanks to the unsuspected power of plants. This way of making vegetable dyes requires more work, but it is ecological, sustainable, and completely natural.

Besides the well-known dyeing plants such as madder, indigo, weld, and the less known logwood, I like using wild plants. They are easy to find and possess medicinal properties.

If you like beautiful wools and beautiful materials, you must choose 100% natural vegetable dyes.

Furthermore, wearing a self-made knitting piece made from natural wool – both yarn and colour – is a real pleasure. Isn’t it a kind of luxury?"