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The Crochet Project

The Crochet Project

The Crochet Project is run by Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin, both designers with a passion for beautiful and wearable designs.

Kat is an award winning blogger with a flair for presentation. She is the author of Crochet at Play and Hook Stitch and Give. Her work has been featured in many publications. Kat is behind the gorgeous aesthetic of The Crochet Project , in charge of all the photography, branding and layout. Kat lives passionately by the motto that life is too short to match socks and will often be stepping over piles of laundry or leaning over a tower of dirty dishes to get the perfect shot. Her 3 children don’t recognise her without a Canon in front of her face and balls of yarn in her pockets.

Joanne Scrace (aka Not So Granny) specialises in seamless knitting and crochet, often vintage inspired but always with a fresh modern feel. Her work has been featured in many magazines. Joanne keeps an eye on the technical aspects of The Crochet Project, ensuring quality and consistency in the patterns. She blogs about the crochet design business and the perils of mixing small children and knitting needles at her website,

Loop also stocks their wonderful pattern booklets.
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    Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin in association with coopknits Crochet Yeah! is a collection of six simple, colourful crochet accessories in associati...

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