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The Wee Kittens

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The Wee Kittens, like the bears, dogs and bunnies are handmade by Lesley McCormick.

Lesley McCormick is from Belfast, Northern Ireland.  She now lives and works in West London. Working in tiny details the furry little figurines and handmade beds are incredibly delightful.

Hand-stitched Mohair kittens.
Each kitten is hand-stitched and carefully created using specially chosen mohair fibres.   
Each kitten is given a name. Each has a pillow that is hand-stitched and made of vintage cottons. 
We also have beautiful handmade wire beds and stitched linen mattresses sold separately. 

These adorable little collectibles have an old-fashioned feel and just need to be taken home and loved.
Each kitten comes in a beautiful handmade paper box. There is so much care and delight that goes into making these!

Each kitten is unique and ranges in size from 8-11cm (3-4.5")

The Wee Kittens are not returnable. 
If you have any queries before ordering one feel free to get in touch with us through email or phone and we'd be more than happy to help.