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Sajou - Calais Cotton Lace Thread Box Collection

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This is like a box of sweeties for stitchers! It's gorgeous. 

A beautiful assortment of Calais cotton lace thread cocoons from Sajou! These are fabulous for lace-work as well as embroidery. It is named for Calais, as a tribute to the town which is famous for its lace.

Each cocoon is made up of 3 strands of twisted mercerised cotton, resulting in some vivid and gorgeous variegated tones. 

A large box containing the complete collection of the six Calais cocoon assortments: 72 cocoons (n°6100, white, and n°6180, black, are found here twice).
The Calais Cocoons are coloured threads for lace-making, which is also an excellent sewing thread, and perfect for stitching and visible mending.
The small cocoons weigh 5 grams each (approx. 110 metres) and are simple to use: the thread is pulled from the centre, so it doesn't knot. Each cocoon is labelled.
On the inside of the lid, a large label indicates the numbers and the names of the colours.

Size of the box: 30 cm long - 16 cm wide - 2 cm high.

Made in France by a wonderful family-owned thread factory.