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NONA Naturally Dyed Fine Cotton Thread Sets (bundles) for Loop

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Sets of fine cotton thread for embroidery, tamari wrapping, mending, sashiko,  or any kind of stitching.
Hand-dyed for Loop using natural dyes. 
Sets of 9 colours created for Loop by NONA.

Rika of NONA has created these wonderful sets of her hand-dyed cotton thread bundles, especially for Loop.

There are 9 colours in two different sets perfect for embroidery, Sashiko, darning or anything you can think of. They are so beautiful!  

All threads are hand-dyed with 100% natural materials sourced from seasonal plants in their surroundings. 

Each bundle lists the plants that are used.

100% Naturally dyed threads

100% Cotton
5g / 140m / skein
Count (thickness of thread): equivalent to no.25 1/6

Hand-dyed for Loop in Tokyo.