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Minä perhonen washi tape

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Mina Perhonen, in Japan, has long been one of our favourite designers for many years.
Akira Minagawa's love of pattern, colour and texture is astounding.
We couldn't be more thrilled when we found these wonderful washi tapes based on their textiles.
The whole collection is beautiful together.
They can be used for the usual washi tape applications of pattern following, as well as decorative wrapping and any kind of crafting or home decoration.
They are really very special.

Tape Sizes:

bird grande is 27mm x 10m
bird petite is 15mm x 10m
choucho yellow is 15mm x 10m
choucho navy is 15mm x 10m
crown gold is 27mm x 10m
flower white is 20mm x 10m
go! is 35mm x 10m
hana hane blue is 30mm x 10m
kuro-neko is 35mm x 10m
skip is 20mm x 10m
Mingling is 50mm  x 7m (very wide, a great new design)
Flutter is 35mm x7m
Bloom is 35mm x 7m
Pesce is 12mm x 7m

Made in Japan.