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Helga Rüütli sallid 2. (Haapsalu Shawls 2 by Helga Rüütel)

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Helga Rüütel and Siiri Reimann

The history of Haapsalu lace knitting goes back a couple of centuries.

This book brings you 52 beautiful lace patterns created by Haapsalu shawl master Helga Rüütel. The book is kind of a sequel to the book “Helga Rüütli sallid. Haapsalu Shawls by Helga Rüütel” published 10 years ago, but in this book all the patterns are completely new. The photographed shawls were knitted by the master Helga herself. The basic instruction of shawl knitting is not in this book, but you can find it in the booklet “How to Knit the Haapsalu Shawl”.

This book is English and Estonian 

Dimensions 32 x 24 cm

127 pages

Colour prints, hard cover