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Cohana Scissors with Gold Lacquer

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Beautiful limited edition scissors from Japan.
Please note that the colour 'Winter' with the gold lacquer is a sand- biscuit colour. 

Okay, so these might be the most beautiful scissors I have ever seen. And that doesn't even include how exquisitely they are boxed up. They come in a pink ribbon-wrapped wooden box. When you open the box the scissors are tucked into a leather case and both are wrapped up in a cloth.
It is all makes you feel like you are truly opening a treasure box - which of course you are. Totally beautiful!

The Japanese brand Cohana is known for making visually stunning, high -quality, handmade handicraft tools.  With these new limited edition scissors they carry on the tradition of quality craftsmanship whilst celebrating the colurs of Japan .The coloured lacquer shines elegantly with gold lacquer lines and a silk tassel.

They are super sharp too.

Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Limited special edition

W74 H30 D 140mm

Laquer painting on Stainless Steel with leather case