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Addi Circular Sock Rockets (Addi Classic Lace)

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The Rockets have landed!
Fine circular knitting needles with extra long tips for particularly fine patterns and yarns. Fast as an arrow for fine patterns. Brass coated with white bronze.
Please see the Knitter's Review gushing review of these fabulous new circular needles from Addi.
Similar to their lace circulars but with extra sharp tips and nickel-free.
As Knitter's Review says: "Addi Turbos are the Cadillac of circular needles, setting a standard against which all others in the market compete.  
Loop has an incredible range of all of the sizes going from 1.5-8mm

*Please note the Addi 'Sock Rockets' with the blue cord that say 'Turbo' are only called that in the USA and that this is the European equivalent.