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LYKKE Clear Swivel Cord for Interchangeable Tips

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Each package contains:

One cord
One key for tightening
2 Stoppers

The clear swivel cords can be used for the Cypra interchangeables as well as the driftwood interchangeable tips. 

The length of each cord as sized by LYKKE is including the 5" tips used with this cable.
The length on its' own is minus 7" / just under 18cm (the total length of the two tips on either side that will be attached).

For example, an 80cm cord is the size you would need to make an 80cm needle with 5" tips. So while they will fit the 3.5" tips, you will have a 1.5"/4cm difference in length if you were to use them with 3.5" tips.

We recommend 40cm and 50cm cables to be used with the 3.5 inch tips as the 5 inch tips might make the circumference too small and uncomfortable.

PLEASE NOTE; If you are choosing a 60cm cable please choose according to the tip size you will be using as the length of the cable is sized accordingly to end up with a 60cm long needle.