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LYKKE Cypra Interchangeable 5 inch Tips

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LYKKE have come out with needles in copper! The natural antibacterial qualities of copper and beauty of the patina with age make these truly unique and beautiful .

You can let your copper needles age naturally to a beautiful patina or you can keep them shiny and bright by using one of LYKKE's metal polishing cloths. The cloths have been specially developed to remove tarnish and to restore lustre without scratching or removing the finish.

LYKKE Cypra interchangeable tips are a great way to expand your LYKKE Cypra interchangeable needle set so that you can have more than one project on the go!

All LYKKE needles have the size etched on them in US and Metric measurements.

* Tips can be used with clear swivel interchangeable cords. Any length cord can be used with either size tip but the 40cm and 50cm work best with the 3.5 inch tips as there won't be enough cord length for the standard 5 inch tips to use in a small circumference.