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Knitting SOS

Our SOS help desk for all your knitting glitches will run from 10:30-11:30am on some Sundays through the year.

See the scheduled dates below.

* No need to book, just turn up between the hour of 10:30 - 11:30am on the scheduled dates and we'll try to help as best we can.

Our dates for 2023 are:

So sorry, but we have had to cancel our June SOS.

Sunday, July 2nd

The knitting help desk is designed for one-on-one aid to help you get unstuck, learn a new stitch you might come upon in your knitting pattern, solve a problem, get some advice, or offer support while learning something new. If you need help with anything more complex, such as brioche, complex cabling, fisherman's rib, Baltic braids, and other extended techniques, please email us a few days beforehand so Arielle, your guiding hand, can be prepared to help. If you get stuck, the knitting help desk is here for you! Please bear in mind that this is not 'Knitting lessons', but help for you with smaller problems or new things you might need a bit of help with while knitting.

About Arielle:

Arielle Ollagnon is a curious and committed violist and violinist studying at the Royal Academy of Music. Arielle has been knitting since she was six and became a Loop customer when she moved back to London in 2019. She has worked at Loop for just over a year. Arielle particularly loves rustic yarns, learning new knitting skills, and casting off a project. While she may be the youngest Loopette, do not underestimate her knowledge of fibre and knitting!