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Sock Knitting Masterclass

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Join Holger Auffenberg at Loop (@generalhogbuffer) for a full day masterclass sock knitting workshop!

Saturday June 1st - 11am - 5pm ( with a short break) 

A class for confident sock knitters that know their way around a heel, but nevertheless have certain parts they would like to know more about. Why do I always struggle with a particular part of a sock? Why do certain types of socks never come out right for me? Are there any alternatives to what I know and have done before? Where do I start if I want to modify existing sock patterns or even design my own pattern from scratch?

We will cover:

  • We will look at a wide variety of socks in different techniques, styles and constructions and how to use these elements to achieve the right result.
  • How to adapt and modify existing sock patterns to suit your particular needs and reflect your personal style.
  • Whatever else you want to bring to the table – participants are encouraged to submit questions and/or areas of particular interest beforehand so the course can be custom-tailored to them


You don't need to bring any materials to the class unless you want to practice something specific. 

Please bring whatever you are currently working on or anything you might have questions about. 

About Holger:

Introduced to the art of knitting by a prolific grandmother, Holger’s true commitment to the craft unfolded during a career hiatus in 2007. Initially drawn to the concise nature of finished items like socks, his focus shifted to the technical intricacies of crafting well-fitting heels. Exploring various possibilities and manipulating shapes became a central theme in his designs.

A valued contributor to publications and a regular participant in the Amirisu Sock Club and Amirisu Magazine, Holger seamlessly blends over two decades of professional experience in classic men's tailoring with his passion for knitting. His work reflects a unique fusion of traditional expertise and contemporary creativity, showcasing a keen eye for aesthetics and technical mastery.