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Love It - Bucket Bag

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We LOVE Love it bags! 
Handmade Special Edition for Loop!

Ingrid has created some of her super joyful and useful bags just for Loop!  We are thrilled to have these in the shop.

Each Love It bag is hand-printed and sewn with 100% unbleached cotton with eco-friendly water based inks.

The raw, untreated canvas stands upright by itself. It is not only excellent for the painting and printing process (Ingrid is a passionate painter) - it also facilitates comfortable knitting/crocheting hours. Your yarn can float undisturbed from the bag to the needles.

This is a great bucket bag with a handle and inside drawstring! It's a really fabulous design, as the drawstring inner closer makes it very safe to hold things inside the bag. 


Love it bags can be hand- and machine washed at up to 30 decrees Celsius. Make sure to remove any leather pulls and to use a mild, liquid detergent and dry flat. It is best to soak the bag in cold water for a few hours to avoid shrinking. The bags can be ironed & pressed back into shape. The heat will change the colour for a few seconds..don't worry!

Dimensions :

Width 30cm

Height 22cm

Base width: on bottom 12cm