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Buaisou Indigo dyers in Japan.

The DARUMA thread is dyed in a SUKUMO indigo vats in Tokushima prefecture in Japan, renowned for indigo leaf farming. The prefecture is also known for its tradition of composting indigo leaves into SUKUMO.
The indigo vat is fermented only with four elements: SUKUMO, ash lye, calcium hydroxide, and wheat bran; therefore, purely organic. The thread is dyed in the 100% natural vat hence it must be treated properly. After a series of meticulous treatments, it is finally reborn to shine with deep, luminous "Japan Blue", and can immediately be washed with other garments.

"The story of DARUMA thread started in 1901, when Chozaemon Yokota, having trained in sales of the Kyoto art of Kanoko Shibori dyed fabric, began to make and sell thread.
He believed that no matter how the times were to change, thread for hand stitching would always be an integral part of daily life. Based on this sentiment, they refined and perfected their product until they came up with a superb quality silk-cotton thread.
Eventually Daruma sewing thread could be found in the sewing box of every home in Japan through to the finest silk threads used to make Kimonos.
The reliability of DARUMA thread has been passed down from generation to generation in hope to continue to weave its way into the hearts of future generations."