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Twirl Baby Cake Sets

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Created for Loop! And just back in stock!

Very, very beautiful sets of baby (mini) cakes in 12 different colours per set. Each baby cake is approx 50 yards (46 metres) so, you have a wonderful total of approx 600 yards (552 metres). 

In each baby cake set, Mary has included the loveliest gift of a handmade charm. 
Mary of Twirl Yarns has made these for us in four different colourways. Two are in stock right now at Loop; Naturals and naturally dyed.

Natural dyes, Indigo dyes, Undyed naturals and acid brights. They are magnificent for crochet, stitching and knitting lace-weight. 
The fibre is from the animals on her farm in California, where she raises them with so much love, sends the fleeces to a local mill and then hand-dyes the wool herself. 
We are over the moon to have these at Loop as a special project she has done with us. 

'Stamen', the yarn, is a fine little lace-weight single ply. Perfect for knitting, crocheting, stitching, mending, tassels, pompoms and so much more... make a little magic... and play.
Please enjoy!

Each cake is approx 46 metres/ 50 yards. Each set of 12 has a total of approx 552 metres / 600 yards

In each set, Mary has a printed leaflet stating both the name of the lamb, sheep or Angora Goats and what she has dyed the yarns with which is so lovely. 

The Naturally dyed yarn:
Hugo (pictured on the card that comes with your baby cake set) and his woolly pals, along with their alpaca, angora, and cashmere goat friends have come together to make this version of STAMEN. Twirl's fine single yarn. Each cakebis approxiamately 50 yards (46 Metres). We all thank you and hope you enjoy.

The mordants used to produce these clear, happy colours were:
Pomegranate and Alum

The dyes used were made from:



Undyed naturals:
This version of the undyed sets is made up of the entire Twirl flocks.
They are the blends of wool, alpaca, and mohair that are all naturally colored fibre blends. `

Naturally coloured blends of wool, Alpaca, Cotton and Kid Mohair
Fibres from the following:
Buffalo Gal
Twirlin' Sally
Salt and Pepper

Indigo Yarn set:
Helena the sheep and Elliot, the angora goat are the base yarns for the indigo dyed yarn set.

Sukumo over Euphorbia
Sukumo over Nettle
Sukumo over Coyote Bush
Indigo over Oak Gall + Iron
Sukumo over Eucalyptus
Sukumo over Cochineal
Sukumo over Logwood
Fresh Leaf Japanese Indigo