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TKB - Knitting Stitch Holder Cords

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We love these new cords!  

These hollow silicone cords are the perfect answer to keeping your stitches on hold while also being adjustable and long enough ( the 150cm/60 in ) to try on your garments as you go. They make putting your stitches on hold a breeze! 

Simply pop the needle tip into the hollow tube and slide through your stitches with the super smooth silicone.  When finished, you simply pop off the needle and voilà, stitches are on hold! You can tie knots in the ends to keep from sliding out or tie them together as needed.  

Each set comes with a nice metal tin to keep your cords tidy and are great for stashing into your project or handbag. 

Each box set comes with:

 1 ~150 cm (60 inch) & 2 ~75 cm (30 inch) cords.

The two shorter lengths are perfect for sleeve stitches or any smaller circumference.

The 150cm/60 inch length is perfect for sweater hems and other larger circumferences. 

Suitable for ca 2,25 mm – 7 mm needles. Will work best with pointier needles rather than dull needle tips.

The cord sets are made in Vasa, Finland.

Designed by The Knitting Barber in Finland.