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Short-Row Colourwork Knitting by Woolly Wormhead

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Discover the magic of short-row colourwork knitting with Woolly Wormhead, a trailblazer in innovative hat designs. For years, the vivid patterns created by short-rows have captivated knitwear designers and enthusiasts alike. Yet, a comprehensive guide to mastering this colourful technique has remained elusive―until now.

Unveil the secrets of short-row colourwork knitting with clarity and creativity. This book is your all-access pass, starting from the basics with an engaging, illustrated, step-by-step guide that will empower you with the foundational skills needed to excel.

The book includes the following:

  • Newfound knowledge
  • An extensive stitch dictionary
  • Over 50 mesmerising stitch patterns to practice and perfect
  • An inspiring collection of 10 accessory patterns, from chic hats to cosy scarves

Whether you're a colourwork enthusiast or new to knitting, this book is designed to captivate and inspire. It's not just a guide; it's your next step towards knitting mastery, revealing that the beauty of colorwork is within your reach.

Join Woolly Wormhead in revolutionising your knitting projects and discover a vibrant world of colours and patterns waiting to come alive. Don't miss out on this essential guide.

About the Author

Woolly Wormhead is a full-time independent knitwear designer best known for their hat patterns that use unique constructions. Woolly publishes individual patterns and eBook collections that have sold upwards of 10,000 copies. They are also an experienced teacher both in person and virtually.