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Sajou Scissors - Tortoiseshell Style

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We are receiving more of these soon!  These are now collectors edition scissors as they are so hard to come by. They are so beautiful and have been made with such meticulous craftsmanship. 

The Charles X era is famous for the sophistication and quality of its' objects. As far as sewing kits and scissor making, the years 1820-1830 saw the production in France of veritable marvels.

These scissors are inspired by the Charles X style: the handles have a tortoiseshell effect, a very popular material of the time, and the blades are fine and delicate. Together they make a a very light pair of scissors that are a delight to use.

All of Sajou's scissors are made in France by craftsmen who are most often from a family tradition of scissor makers. A lot of care is taken throughout the whole making process and they are real tools made to be used.

The scissors, including the pompoms, are made entirely in France. It should be pointed out that it takes a dozen qualified people to make each pair.

The scissors are presented in a lovey box with a pompom in the same tones.

Size: 11.8cm