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Sajou Scissors - Eiffel Tower with Blue Charm

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This pair of scissors is a re-edition of a model that dates from the end of the 19th century, a celebration of the construction of the Eiffel Tower at The Universal Exhibition of 1889. It was during this exhibition that Jacques-Simon Sajou received a silver medal.

Notice the finesse of the grid pattern simulating the metallic girders of the well as the quality of the screw. The form of the handles is also very original.

This pair of scissors is decorated with a sky blue Eiffel Tower charm, made especially for this model. The pompom in Sajou's fetish colours of orange and blue is made in a soft-furnishings workshop in the Saint - Etienne region.

All of Sajou's scissors are made in France by craftsmen who are most often from a family tradition of scissor makers. A lot of care is taken throughout the whole making process and they are real tools made to be used.

The scissors, including the pompoms, are made entirely in France. It should be pointed out that it takes a dozen qualified people to make each pair.

The scissors are presented in a lovey box.

Size: 10cm