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Sajou - Complete Set Laine Saint-Pierre Embroidery Threads

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Sajou's new complete set of St Pierre Embroidery threads - now with 24 more colours!

A great opportunity to kit yourself out with the complete 96 colours of our Laine Saint-Pierre embroidery thread.

The illustrious Laine Saint-Pierre was originally from Lyon and has been part of Fil au Chinois for many decades. It is a darning wool made of four strands. Apart from its' original use, it is often used for many embroidery projects. It is made of half wool, half polymiode and it is very solid, easy to use and its' colours remain fast. A great selection of 96 colours to choose from and they come wound on lovely cards.

Length on each card is 10 metres.

We will also supply a large pattern chart which will enable you to embroider a marvellous vintage style colour chart. A work of art worthy of its' place in the home of all embroiderers!

The box is entirely covered inside and out with one our Laine Saint-Pierre papers.

The cover and interior are decorated with a rectangular Laine Saint-Pierre label.

Size of box: 29.5 cm long - 21 cm wide - 7.5 cm high.