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Minä Perhonen Fabric Swatches

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These are packs of scraps and swatches of the textiles of Minä Perhonen.

From Akira Minagawa of Minä Perhonen; Artist, textile designer, product and fashion designer. Costume designer and illustrator.

Each pack has random pieces of beautiful fabric.
We are very excited to have packs of fabric remnants that can be used for patching clothing, quilting, scraps for creating toys, or any other bits of sewing. They are so beautiful you can use them for anything, or frame them as a set.
Each pack is made up of about 6-7 pieces, some of them have the embroidered Minä Perhonen iconic butterfly. They are a mix of all kinds of cotton, voiles, and silk blends. Opaque and slightly transparent.

After their main fashion collection is created, their highly unique and very beautiful fabrics, if there are bits left,  are gathered and made into small pieces such as buttons and brooches, and this offering of sets of fabric pieces for you to use as you like.

The fabrics are made just for Minä Perhonen using their paintings and designs and sometimes creating innovative weaving and print techniques. The fabrics are just incredible. 
With an ethos of creating as little 'waste' as possible, these exquisite pieces are now at Loop. 
We are incredibly honoured to stock these fabrics and accessories that can embellish your handmade knits and pieces or any articles of clothing, adding another layer of beauty to your pieces. 

It's a total honour to have these special sets of fabrics and accessories from Akira Minagawa and his textile team at Minä Perhonen, in our London shop.

Handmade in Japan
The cut fabric swatch packs are not returnable.