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Mimster Kit - Mosaic Embroidery

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We are expecting more of these in mid July!

Create an embroidered work of art with the Mimster Kit - Mosaic Embroidery! 

Kits include a lovely small embroidery hoop that also serves as a frame when you are finished. 

These kits are perfect for beginners as well. 

What is Mosaic Darning?

A unique technique that uses drawing in a mosaic-like style using darning, pioneered by Tomomi Mimura, the founder of "mimster". Her whimsical and colourful worldview is mainly created using the technique of mosaic darning.

Kit includes:

  • Embroidery frame (10cm×7.5cm)
  • Linen cloth with printed design
  • 1 needle
  • 5 colours of yarn (colours may vary per kit) on small wooden clips
  • Thread- black and white
  • Detailed instructions in English as well as diagrams

Please note that the scissors pictured are not included in the kit. 


Photos are courtesy of @Mimstermade and are for reference only.


Tomomi Mimura is from the southern island of Okinawa and currently lives near Tokyo. She is an artist and a creator of mosaic-darning. Tomomi came across mosaic tiles in Guell park in Barcelona which served as inspiration to create her unique "darning embroidery" for her whimsical illustrations made of darning pieces or "tiles".