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Kaliko Handmade Crossbody Bag

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Another great project bag for Knitters or any craft!
A large cotton Crossbody bag to hold your most precious projects.

This crossbody bag has a cotton canvas strap which can be easily be removed, leaving you with a drawstring bag to carry your projects in. Attach the strap for getting around town with your project in tow!  There is also a very well-made magnetic closure making it easy to keep your projects safe and easily accessible.

There are three inner pockets sewn into the beautiful linen lining. 
These are absolutely beautifully made. 

These are printed on both sides and one side is inked with the stamp of the Loop logo. 

* Please note that some of the images show the cross-body bag with the matching drawstring project bag with handles.  These are separate products which you can find here.

Everything is dyed with low-impact dyes and completely handmade from locally dyeing the organic cotton, to printing on the fabric with inked flora to stitching.

A huge amount of handwork goes into these bags.  The hand-printing process begins with beautiful botanical imprints making each piece unique.

Kaliko uses only natural fabrics, with the organic cotton being GOTS certified . All linen sourced is all natural and unbleached. Dyes are low-impact GOTS dyes as well.

No toxic substances  were used in the process, the pattern was printed with a water-based ink. 

Organic cotton canvas, lined with linen and linen string. Stamped with botanical prints.



Dimensions: 35cm wide  (just under 14”) x 30cm high (just under 12”)

The strap length from clasp to clasp is approx 107cm long (42”)

NOTE: Some colours may transfer a bit of colour with friction so be sure to take extra special care around any light coloured upholstery or fabrics. 

Please note: Our Loop Logo is on the back of the bag and each bag has a botanical print on the front and back of the bag