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Isager Soft Fine

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New from Isager! This yarn is super beautiful and a dream to knit with. 

Soft Fine is a beautiful alternative to mohair and unbelievably soft.

This luxurious yarn contains a core of silk, with a loop of alpaca and yak for a fluffy bouclé effect. While different in production and fibre content from Isager Soft, we find that both yarns have a similar texture. ISAGER SOFT FINE's wool is sourced from yaks, giving it rich, deep colours similar to the S-colours made from white and black wool. This yarn's softness rivals that of Silk Mohair, and Isager's team affectionately call it 'Isager's cashmere'. Knitting with this yarn is a truly unique experience, especially when using just one strand.

This yarn is versatile and incredibly flexible, with a fluffy and soft texture that gives it a substantial feel, even when knit with one strand on a larger needle.. 

  • The yarns with the brown labels are undyed / natural colours
  • The yarns with the black labels are dyed 

We think this yarn makes a wonderful choice for the Susan's Cardigan and The Beautiful Smock Sweater from Camarose

Can also be used as a single strand for a light but warm garment or held together with another yarn. 

Isager Soft Fine: 10 cm = 3,5 mm needle – 21 sts / 32 rows
Isager Soft Fine: 10 cm = 4,5 mm needle – 16 sts / 26 rows
Isager Soft Fine: 10 cm = 6,0 neelde – 13 sts /26 rows

Fiber Content:
63% Alpaca, 26% Silk, 11% yak
Lace / 2 ply
150 m 164 yds) per 25 grams
Unit Weight
25 grams (0.88 ounces)
3,5 mm needle – 21 sts / 32 rows
4,5 mm  needle – 16 sts / 26 rows
6,0 needle – 13 sts /26  rows

Needle Size
We always recommend hand washing in order to prolong the life of your knitwear.