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Folk Doll Kit

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Created by Anne Kelly, in collaboration with Loop London. 
A very special stitching kit, using basic sewing and embroidery to complete your doll. You can make this as personal and elaborate as you like, or keep it very simple.  The feel of it is a rag prairie doll, slightly under-stuffed, using natural materials like cotton fabrics and threads. A little nod to Americana, when old handkerchiefs, pillowcases, seedsack cloth, or any available extra bits of fabric, softened with use was used to make these toys. 

Handmade dolls were among the many crafts produced by people of the Spanish colonial southwest. 

The doll's body and dress were made of various scraps of materials found about the house. Ginghams, calicos, and ditsy motifs were often seen.

Included in the kit is:

* Templates for the doll printed on cotton.

* Paper template for pinning the fabrics for the dress, apron and various folk motifs that you might like to use to stitch on as decoration. 

* Vintage fabrics for the dress, apron, and kerchief (if desired), or to use as patches or embellishments.

* A few lovely Au Ver a Soie wool embroidery threads to use as you like to decorate the apron, the dolls face, or whatever you like.

* A mini cake of bouclé yarn from Orkney Angora to use for the hair if desired. 

Everything is included to make a lovely doll, other than stuffing, and a needle.
You might like to add a few other embroidery threads from your collection, or if needed, any of our threads found here.

Please note: Finished dolls pictured are launch pads for ideas of how you can stitch these wonderful dolls. They are for inspiration only. Finished dolls are not included with the kit. The kit includes everything mentioned above for you to create with.