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Enneste for Mimstermade

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We have some stunning  hand-dyed yarn in 10 gram bundles from Naho of Enneste in Japan! 

These are hand-dyed in Tokyo by Naho of Enneste. She was inspired to create these beautiful bundles of rich colour for the mosaic embroidery of @Mimstermade (Tomomi Mumuri).
The colours are intense as they are steam-dyed four times to create this depth of colour which pops out within the embroidery. The yarn is, of course, also perfect as a 4 ply fingering yarn that can be used for accents or details, or anything else within knitting and crochet. 
These are absolutely perfect for 'woolly tattoo', embroidering on knitted pieces. 
They are lovingly handmade with cloth labels stamped with Mimstermade's classic squirrel logo. 

10 grams
100% Merino single ply

Hand-dyed in Tokyo