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Clover Takumi Premium Bamboo Circular Needles

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 We love these new premium bamboo pro circular needles from Clover!

Takumi bamboo needles are sustainably made and polished to perfection, providing an exceptional knitting experience. The different colored tips on each cord size make it easy to identify, and the rotating cord eliminates twisting for uninterrupted knitting. The smooth join also allows for a seamless swivel, making these needles a favourite among knitters!

*These needles feature sustainable and lightweight bamboo, providing both natural strength and a pleasant knitting experience.

*The engraving has been refined to a subtle etching, ensuring an even smoother surface for uninterrupted knitting.

* Clover’s high quality bamboo processing technology has achieved the ideal tapered tips which easily pick up stitches and avoids splitting yarn.

*Each cord size has a different coloured tip, allowing for quick visual identification.