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Chiaogoo TWIST Short Combo Sets

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Each COMBO pack contains a pair of 2" (5cm); a pair of 3" (8cm) Stainless Steel Tips; a 5" and a 6" cable. This gives you amazing flexibility in the number of combinations you can use.

For the first time Chiaogoo have Asymetric Circulars (sometimes call Differential Circulars) where you can use a 3" and a 2" tip on the same cable.

1.5mm to 3.25mm Come with Twist Mini Cables and 3.5mm to 5mm come with the new X-Flex Small Connector cables. X-flex is just like the red cables you know and love but with extra "bendiness" to help with those smaller projects.

1.5mm - 3.25mm COMBO Packs contain:

  • one pair of 2" needles
  • one pair of 3" needles
  • one Red TWIST Mini Cable 9" (23cm)
  • one Red TWIST Mini Cable 12" (20cm)  

3.5mm to 5mm COMBO Packs contain:

  • one pair of 2" needles
  • one pair of 3" needles
  • one Blue X-Flex* Small Connector Cable 9" (23cm)
  • one Blue X-Flex *Small Connector Cable 12" (20cm)  

So you get 4 tips AND 2 cables!