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ChiaoGoo Forté Interchangeable Needle Set - SALE

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New from Chiaogoo! The créme de la créme of interchangeable knitting needle sets!
The highly anticipated release of the next-generation Special Edition interchangeable set from ChiaoGoo is finally here! It includes:

* Eight pairs of carbon fibre tips with stainless steel points
* Six pairs of African Blackwood with stainless steel tips
* Silver SWIV360™ and TWIST Red Lace cables.
This set comes with everything you need, including:
*Measuring tape
* End stoppers
*Stitch markers
*Darning needles, and more.
Plus, all Forté parts have interchangeable [S] or [L] size joins, making them compatible with other ChiaoGoo interchangeable parts. Laser etched with the tip diameter and join size, the steel joins will never wear off.
*The elegant and functional Forté case is made from REACH-compliant material and features a double-sided needle board, elastic for holding accessories, and four pockets for your other knitting supplies. With its full zipper enclosure, nothing will fall out. 


  • When securing the tip/cable connection with your tightening key, be sure to hold the tip by it's metal join (not the shaft).
  • Occasionally wipe down your cables with rubbing alcohol to ensure a smooth yarn feed.
  • When removing stoppers from your cable, use two tightening keys to loosen the join and then unscrew by hand.
  • Store and handle your cables carefully. They are memory-free not kink-free.